The 8 Best Things about South America

The Diversity of Landscape

Photo Credit: MisoKnitl /

I have been travelling around South America for the last 14 months and I have had an amazing time. Having visited Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil already, I am planning to head to Colombia next! This amazing continent has so much to offer the traveller and you could spend years travelling here and not see it all.

Here are eight of the things that I love about South America:

1. The Diversity of Landscapes

Whether you are looking for tropical beaches, arid deserts, green rolling coffee plantations or jagged snowy mountains, you will find it all here. South America is a huge continent that offers a wide range of climates, from the chill of Patagonia’s mountain landscapes to the humid heat of Northern Brazil’s beaches. No matter what type of landscape you want to explore, it’s here.