The 7 Best Outdoor Experiences in Ecuador

Mountain Climbing

Photo Credit: PetarPaunchev /

If you get a thrill from exploring the great outdoors and you are always looking for fun and exciting activities to try, Ecuador is a fantastic destination for you. There are so many great opportunities here to enjoy exciting active adventures, from the beaches to the forests to the raging rivers. Ecuador offers a lot of untamed wilderness that is within easy access to the cities, making it easy to go on an adventurous day trip.

Here are some of the best outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Ecuador.

1. Mountain Climbing

Ecuador is home to the Avenue of the Volcanoes, which is formed by the Andes running along the length of the country. This mountain range offers some truly amazing climbing opportunities, whether you are a novice day hiker or a seasoned technical climber. If you are looking for a challenging snow peak that requires full equipment and mountain climbing experience, try Chimborazo or Cotopaxi. Other less demanding routes include Imbabura, Guagua Pinchincha and Pasochoa.