5 Ways Traveling Cheap Is Better


4. It Will Make You Appreciate What You Have

When we travel to must-see destinations on expensive pre-packaged tours and stay at all-inclusive resorts, we can be very out of touch with the reality of the average person who lives in that place.

However, when we are budget travelers we are riding the same buses and eating in the same simple cafes as the local people. In undeveloped countries we get a much closer look at what life is like for the people who live there.

Sometimes it is sad to see people living in poverty, other times it is inspiring to see people working hard to make a good life for themselves despite their circumstances. No matter what though, it is important to see how people in developing countries live so that we can understand the relative wealth that we have.

After visiting these parts of the world, I realize that even though I might not be “rich” – I am a lot more fortunate than I think.