5 Ways Traveling Cheap Is Better

You Can See More for Less

There are two types of travelers – those who would pay extra for a little bit of luxury and those who try to make their travel savings stretch as far as possible. Personally, I belong to the second camp. Why should I spend hundreds of dollars more on a first class airfare when an economy ticket will get me to the same place? I prefer budget hostels to expensive hotels and when I am traveling I always try to find the best bargain.

Here are some of the reasons why I think traveling cheaply is a much better option:

1. You Can See More for Less

For the same amount of money that it would cost you to stay for a week in a luxury hotel, you could probably spend six weeks or more backpacking around Southeast Asia. I work hard for my travel money, so I want to make it go as far as possible.

Right now I am staying in a hotel room in Ecuador that costs $13 per night. It’s clean, friendly and comfortable and I can stay here for 10 nights before it even gets close to the price of one night in most hotel rooms in North America. The cheaper you travel, the longer you can stay on the road for the same amount of money, and the more you can see.