10 Benefits of Travel You Might Not Have Considered

Bask in the Anticipation

Photo Credit: lolostock / istockphoto.com

The world is a huge place. From sea to shining sea and even overseas, there is so much of your planet to experience and enjoy. The world is full of sights you have never seen, sounds you have never heard, tastes and smells you have never appreciated, and people you have never met. Staying in your safety zone is a disservice to yourself and the people around you.

The benefits of travel are abundant and can impact almost every aspect of your physical, emotional and social health. Stop putting off that vacation!

Travel allows you to:

1. Bask in the Anticipation

Even before the travel actually occurs, you benefit from the anticipation and excitement associated with planning a trip. Searching for destinations online, finding activities to engage in, and locating areas to explore in your destination builds a level of enthusiasm for the future. It also allows for a feeling of self-control and independence in your life. Having something to look forward to sparks feelings of optimism and hope in the future.