10 Romantic Winter Date Ideas That Will Warm up Any Relationship

Have a Pamper Night

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7. Have a Pamper Night

Everyone loves to be pampered. Plan for two evenings and take turns pampering each other. “Pampering” means something different to everyone, so do whatever your significant other likes best!

Give your significant other a massage. Run them a hot bath with bath salts. Allow them to take a nap while you do their least favorite chore. Mix them their favorite drink for them to enjoy while¬†having a heartfelt conversation. There’s no better way to make them feel valued and cared for.

Alternatively, plan for a joint pampering day and book appointments at a spa. Relaxing together, even if you don’t do much talking, can be a great way to connect and dissolve any tension between you.

Get out the Old Photos

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8. Get out the Old Photos

It is hard to remember those days when we actually took photos and put them into albums. Social media in particular has made it so easy to share our photos virtually, that most albums are no doubt gathering dust in people’s attics or basements.

Why not use this as an opportunity to make a night out of looking through old photos? Revisit photos from when the two of your first met.

Take time looking at each other’s childhood photo albums and share stories about growing up. Perhaps you can even select your favorite recent photos and update an album that’s been untouched for years or create a new one.

Try Each Other's Hobbies

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9. Try Each Other’s Hobbies

While I do believe it’s healthy for couples to have separate interests and hobbies, there could be a chance for a winter date here. Myself and my husband do have separate hobbies, but sometimes he comes along to my karate class and occasionally I will go along to take part in his pub trivia night.

Keep in mind (whether you are joining in their activity or they are joining in yours) that this is supposed to be fun. Don’t criticize their hobby or be impatient.

Go in with an open mind, try your best, and show an interest.