10 Romantic Winter Date Ideas That Will Warm up Any Relationship

Go Sledding/Ice Skating

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The Best Solution for Chilly Weather? Cuddling!

It’s simple to come up with date ideas in the warmer weather, especially when any number of attractions are going on around town. You can check out a local fair, grab a bite to eat from a food truck, or take a short drive to the beach.

With the colder winter weather, though, you might have to get a bit more creative. Whether you are looking to invest some time in your relationship with your spouse or get to know a new love interest better, these date ideas are sure to do the trick.

If you’re getting out of the house, call a babysitter. If you’re staying in, send the kids to a friends’ house. Clear an evening in your busy work schedule. Put that oil change off for another couple of days.

It’s time for you and your significant other to spend some quality time with each other.

1. Go Sledding/Ice Skating

This time of year is perfect for having fun outside and fun needn’t be reserved purely for kids! There’s nothing to stop you and your significant other from enjoying the snow.

If you are lucky enough to experience any, why not embrace it by going sledding or ice skating together? This could even put you in the mood to make snow angels or have a snowball fight, guaranteed to make you feel young and vibrant again.

Plus getting chilly creates the perfect excuse to head indoors for a cup of hot cocoa and a cuddle by the fire.

Enjoy a Night out in Style

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2. Enjoy a Night out in Style

If you’re married with kids or have been dating a long time, you may not take the time to go out all that often anymore. Though simple, revisiting some of your favorite date spots or trying somewhere new can make for a fun night out.

Make a reservation at that fancy restaurant you’ve heard about. Splurge on a concert or theater performance. Find some sort of excuse to dress up and look your best for each other!

After all, if you dress well, you feel well!

Enjoy a Meal

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3. Enjoy a Meal

Although dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant can be a fun adventure and make for a romantic evening, sometimes choosing to stay in and enjoy a home cooked meal together can have even more benefits for your relationship.

Perhaps you want to treat your significant other and cook a meal for them. You’ll make them feel cared for; plus, everyone loves eating good food that was cooked just for them.

Cooking together can be just as enjoyable as you engage in conversation while preparing a delicious meal. Then revel together in your expertly cooked meal (or laugh at your combined culinary ineptitude!).