5 Signs of Impending Divorce

What You Can Do About It

Photo Credit: mangostock / istockphoto.com

What You Can Do About It

If you feel like your partner has checked out emotionally, counseling can be a good alternative if you aren’t making any headway on your own.

Trying to remind the other person about why you go married in the first place can take a long time. It is worth the time if you are both willing to try.

Committing your life to another person is a life-altering decision. People evolve over time, and if your relationship doesn’t adapt with those changes you can find yourself unhappy and unsatisfied without knowing how you got there.

Not keeping your eyes open for signs of trouble can end your marriage before you know what’s happening. Keep communication lines open, talk about how you feel often, make time for each other as much as you can, remember where you came from, and look forward to where you’re going.