5 Signs of Impending Divorce

Glued to Technology

Photo Credit: warrengoldswain / istockphoto.com

Whether you’ve been married three months or 30 years, feelings can change, people can change, and circumstances can change. Not every couple stays together until death does them part.

Chances are you know a quite few people who are divorced, or in the process of becoming so, in your circle of friends and family. So if you are married or in a long-term relationship, what are the signs of an impending divorce you should watch out for?

Glued to Technology

Has your spouse been glued to their cell, tablet or computer more than normal? Social media, online dating sites, and sites designed specifically for those looking to cheat on their spouses are at every turn online. Many of these websites are discrete and hold privacy at the highest level for their clients, making it hard to know if your spouse is using them.

Reconnecting with old flames over social media can rekindle the excitement of a new, fresh relationship and can cast a shadow on the current one. If their cell rings, do they decline the call quickly or take the call into another room? This could be cause for concern if this behavior is out of the ordinary.

Confronting your spouse and asking about the behavior could shed light on what’s been happening. Don’t always assume the worst until you have solid evidence that something’s up.