Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

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Healthy Relationships Are Happy Relationships

A happy, healthy relationship is a highly sought after goal for many of us. However, it’s no easy task sharing a part of your life with someone. There is a lot of compromise involved, never mind patience, acceptance, and tons of other little ways we learn to live well with another person.

Sometimes things can go off balance and all of that goes out the door. We may settle with someone who isn’t good for us and explain it away for a myriad of reasons.

Or things may go sour in an existing relationship, but we stay despite our unhappiness. Neither of these things are unusual, but they are signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Although the human experience has a natural up and down flow like most things, it’s even more important to become acquainted with your own within a relationship. Intuitively, you know what’s wrong and that inner voice will never lead you astray.

So how do you know for sure you are in a healthy relationship?

You Have Space in Your Togetherness

As women we tend to put our wants and needs aside in a relationship in order to please our mate. However, in doing so, you risk losing the part of yourself that was an individual before you were partnered.

Retaining your sense of self is vital within a relationship. That means doing the things you love still, even if your partner is not interested in them.

While it’s important to spend time with your significant other in a relationship, it is possible to overdo it. Doing everything with them, especially in the beginning, may seem like fun, but it could develop into an unhealthy attachment. Those with addictive personalities are especially at risk for this kind of behavior.

You’ve Built a Foundation on Trust

All relationships should be built on trust in order for them to succeed. While this obviously applies to your significant other, it also means trusting yourself.

Listen to your gut. When something seems out of place or not quite right, it usually is. That doesn’t mean you should constantly suspect your partner of cheating just because you think something’s wrong.

However, any lying within the relationship usually means it has happened before and will happen again unless you confront it head on. Be open with each other about your thoughts and feelings, and remember not to judge. We’re all human and make mistakes.

You Accept Each Other

Humans are flawed creatures; no one is immune to this simple fact. Accepting these flaws isn’t always easy however. It may be tempting to encourage your partner to change under the guise that it’s better for them, but only they can truly make that decision.

Instead, choose a healthy form of acceptance that also doesn’t compromise your own ideals or endanger you in any way. Accepting your partner’s messiness or forgetfulness is one thing, abusive or hazardous behaviors are quite another.

You Communicate Well and Often

Communication is key in any type of relationship, but especially when you share your life or live with the person. Don’t assume your partner knows what you expect or want unless you talk about it. What may seem normal to you isn’t always the same for them.

Openness in a relationship is essential to keeping each other happy. A partner who loves you unconditionally will be more than happy to listen to how you feel and try and help. It’s ok to be vulnerable and share yourself on an intimate level; that’s how you become closer anyway.

You Bring Out the Best in Each Other

When you communicate well with someone you come to understand them on a deeper level. Knowing your significant other’s hopes, dreams and fears allows you to encourage and inspire them to go for their goals and act in spite of fear.

While change often seems scary in the context of a relationship, growth is a necessary part of life and should never be stifled or resented. Couples who allow for growth individually and as a couple are more likely to stay together and face whatever life throws at them. Supporting each other is a sign of a healthy relationship — bitterness is not.

Ultimately, these elements need to be in place from the beginning to ensure a long-lasting partnership. While the butterflies in your stomach and hearts in your eyes may sustain you in the beginning, a strong, healthy bond is what will keep things going.