9 Things Parents of Only Children Know to Be True

They’re Easy to Spoil

Photo Credit: STUDIOGRANDOUEST / iStockPhoto.com

The Best and The Worst of Raising an Only Child

Having children is a choice and a privilege that many of us take for granted. As a parent of an only child, this fact may be far more evident to you than parents of multiple children.

You have to work extra hard to ensure they have the same social skills as children with siblings, but you also don’t have to worry about sibling rivalry and constant bickering. While other parents might try guilt trip you about not giving your child a brother or sister, there are many pros and cons to being the parent of an only child that only you could possibly know to be true.

They’re Easy to Spoil

Since all of your money, time, attention, money and more money is spent on them, only children are easy to spoil. Because they have no one to compete with, they don’t have to compromise for what they want with another child.

However, you do have to compromise with them, which is no easy task when your baby is looking up at you with those cute puppy eyes.