7 Tips for Getting Your Teen to Talk

Remind your kids about the 70/30 rule

Photo Credit: gregoryelang / istockphoto.com

6. Remind Your Kids About the 70/30 Rule

As a baby, you were in control of 100% of your child’s life. You controlled when they ate, when they slept, what they wore and where they went. As your child grows they start taking small percentages for themselves to control. As young kids, they take about 30%, feeding themselves, deciding what to eat, wear, and what toys to play with. As time goes on you have to let go of control inch by inch.

As a teen, they hold about 70% control. They can earn their own money, drive a car and decide who their friends are, but still have a curfew and live under your roof. Reminding them that until they move out on their own that last 30% belongs to you can help alleviate some of the stress of being a teen. Hang on to your share to help save them from making big mistakes, catch them before they fall and be the support structure they need to make it out the other side of adolescence.

And even after they grow up and move out, you will always get to keep the last 10%, because a strong foundation with your child won’t go away when they are an adult. They will know they can always come home for advice.