8 Moments All Single Moms Have Had in the Dating World

He Plays Games

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Oh, the Joys of Dating as a Single Mom

If you thought the dating pool was difficult before you had kids, navigating it now as a single mother is enough to make you go screaming off in the other direction. A lot of men seem to have these preconceived notions about single moms and see kids as a burden or unnecessary commitment.

Even if you do meet someone interesting who is open to your lifestyle, finding the time and energy to actually go out is like playing chess. Needless to say, there’s a lot more to consider when approaching dating this time around since your kids are your number one priority.

Luckily, you’re not alone when it comes to dating as a single mom. How many of these moments have you experienced since re-entering the Seventh Circle of Hell (aka the Dating World)?

1. He Plays Games

He says he likes you a lot, but he tells you to date other people. He acts all sweet and kind one night, only to be cold and distant the next.


He knows you have kids and a million things to take care of. Playing one of his mind games is not one of them.

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Say goodbye to these types, and good riddance.

You Only Tell Stories About Your Kids

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2. You Only Tell Stories About Your Kids

Dating is all about spending time getting to know another person and seeing if you want to continue that process. Both people ask each other about themselves and tell amusing anecdotes about their lives.

As a single mom, however, you may find that most of your stories involve your kids, which may put off some guys. Unless he has kids of his own, he might not find explosive baby poop amusing or know who the heck Olaf is.

Oh, well. You probably aren’t going to change your story-telling habits anytime soon!

Money, Money, Money

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3. Money, Money, Money

You’ve undoubtedly encountered a guy or two (hundred) that are repelled by the fact you have children. They may have their share of misconceptions about single mothers, all of which are likely false, as generalizations tend to be.

One of the more ridiculous misconceptions, however, is that you’re just dating for the money or free meals. You, the hard working woman who supports herself and her kids.

How about you’re dating because you’re looking for love and companionship, you know, what relationships are made for? Those men must think relationships just grow on trees or something.