8 Different Dating Practices from around the World


Photo Credit: f9photos / Shutterstock.com

Every culture has its own traditions and customs extending into all aspects of life. One of the most intriguing elements of any society is their dating practices and the way gender roles are defined and played out.

While casual dating is mainly a Western invention, some countries in the East have adopted some form of dating. Here are eight different dating practices from around the world.

1. India

India is a country still steeped in tradition and family values. Whatever someone does in public reflects on their family as well as their own reputation. For this reason, men and women are introduced by their families and marriages are often arranged before the two people even get to know each other.

If their parents are supportive, Indians may choose to marry for love. Dating is not commonplace however, except for in larger cities like Mumbai. Even so, people are expected to only date according to what their family wants, and must date within the same religion or caste.