7 Unique Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas

New York

Photo Credit: Maglara / Shutterstock.com

Whether you are planning a honeymoon or an exciting weekend escape, there are plenty of romantic travel options to suit your taste. From snowcapped mountains in Aspen to tropical waters in Maui, here is a list of 7 of the most unique romantic weekend getaways.

1. New York, New York

Millions of tourists visit New York City every year and with good reason. The city has so much to offer that any couple can find the perfect romantic getaway here. Gourmet restaurants, world class hotels, breath taking scenic views, the possibilities for a romantic experience in New York City are limitless.  Go to the Empire State observation deck at night to see the city lit up, walk hand in hand through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, or have a drink at the rooftop bar in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.