9 Winter Fashion Trends to Keep Your Look Hot This Season

Military Coats

Photo Credit: Elle / Nordstrom / Asos

4. Military Coats

Expanding even further on fashion’s military inspiration, long double breasted coats in navy blue, olive green and black took the runway by storm. Many were worn in street style fashion, open and paired with a sporty dress, sneakers and beanie hat.

It might be more difficult to find a cheaper version of this trend, but if you live in a snowy place, the wooly warmth will be worth it.

Nude Dresses

Photo Credit: Vogue

5. Nude Dresses

In the spirit of ballerinas everywhere comes the nude dress trend. Tutus aside, the longer the dress, the more elegant, and ballet is all about elegance and poise.

The nude dresses have a slip silhouette — tiny straps with a low cut front and soft materials such as satin, silk and polyester blends. You might see a little glitter and tulle too, which makes them perfect for evening wear.

Velvet Everything

Photo Credit: Gucci / Ralph Lauren

6. Velvet Everything

Velvet is back in a big way this year, showing up in Prada, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren’s collections among others. Dramatic velvet gowns paraded the runway, but shoes, bags, and even accessories made a statement in the soft, plush fabric.

Chunky velvet platform sandals and boots will be a huge hit this season along with velvet crossbody bags by the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.