9 Winter Fashion Trends to Keep Your Look Hot This Season

Puffer Coats

Photo Credit: Superdry / Nordstrom / J. Crew

Chic and Cozy Is the Way to Go

Every year, fashion designers push the envelope with daring designs and edgy new ways to wear old favorites. Winter especially sees an increase in darker colors, rougher textures and longer, more angular silhouettes.

These days, trends aren’t even set on the runway anymore, but stolen from street fashion and re-imagined from decades past. Despite the exaggerated version of their original inspiration, runway looks are becoming more and more accessible for everyday wear.

Behold the nine winter trends you can pull of this season and are obtainable on any budget.

1. Puffer Coats

Since the 80’s, puffy jackets have consistently found their way into stores and the hearts of those who revel in their warmth and coziness. This year, they flounced down the runway in over sized designs, metallics, with fur hoods, and down feather fillings.

While you won’t find too many exaggerated designs available for purchase, stores such as Nordstrom, Superdry and J. Crew have simplified versions in bold solids and patterns.

Trooper Hats

Photo Credit: Elle / Kenmont

2. Trooper Hats

Military and aviation styles always make a comeback and the trooper hat is no different. While the traditional style often has leather or flannel with a furry or faux-fur lining, the runway version featured a completely furry, over sized shape by the likes of Louis Vuitton.

While you won’t find too many giant-sized trooper hats in stores, any winter hat with flaps and fur is on trend starting in December.

Platform Boots

Photo Credit: Marc Jacobs / Elle / Nasty Gal

3. Platform Boots

If the 70’s and the 90’s had a lovechild you’d have this year’s boot styles. Platform boots are back for winter in animal print, patent leather and everything in between.

Both schoolgirl and stripper styles infiltrated the runway via Maison Margiela and Marc Jacobs. Booties and knee high combat styles were seen and showed up in department stores and knock off brands at the mall.