The 10 Best Costume Ideas of All Time

Green Plastic Army Men

Photo Credit: Photos By Rikki

Lets face it; most store bought costumes are lame. They’re usually made of cheap materials and hardly ever look exactly like the character they’re supposed to be for. With the increased popularity of cosplaying at Comic Con International and other similar comic book conventions, unique and oftentimes handmade costumes are where it’s at.

Whether for Halloween, a party, or cosplaying at a convention, creating a costume that wows is essential to standing out in a sea of witches, Batmans, and sexy nurses. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best costume ideas from around the Internet that are clever, hilarious, amazing, and sure to inspire you to step up your own costume game.

1. Green Plastic Army Men

Photographer Rikki D. works for an architectural design firm in San Jose where Halloween costumes are taken very seriously. Actual Army surplus gear was painted with a semi-gloss latex paint and then spray-painted over in a green gloss. Their boots were screwed to the bases, which were constructed from carpet tiles. Rikki has a whole series of images of himself and a few other co-workers dressed as the Army Men, posing all over their office building and outside.

Source: Photos By Rikki