6 Spooky Halloween Crafts for Kids

Spider Glitter Bottles

Halloween doesn’t have to be only about candy, costumes and trying to out spook each other. It also provides the opportunity for your kids to get creative.

Decorating your house with holiday themed crafts is a great way to welcome in the fall. Here are six spooky crafts that will keep the kids busy won’t break the bank.

Remember, you need that extra cash to buy a truckload of mini chocolate bars.

1. Spider Glitter Bottles

These jars are great to make, and can keep the kids busy long after they are completed. All you need is a smooth sided bottle (with a tight fitting lid), glitter glue, loose glitter, small plastic spiders and water.

Have your child put the plastic spiders into an empty bottle, then squeeze in an entire bottle of glitter glue and top with loose glitter — you can never have too much glitter! Fill the remainder of bottle with water. Screw the lid on tightly and shake shake shake. You can glue the lid on if you have little ones who might be tempted to tamper with it.

Source: Adapted from While He Was Napping