Retired Mathematician Builds Himself a Castle

Retired Mathematician Builds Himself a CastleOnce retired, many people look for projects and activities to keep their minds and bodies active and engaged. A retired mathematician in Arkansas decided to make his hobby building his own castle – by hand!

Reddit user kaiklops posted the story of how his Grandfather built the castle in just five years. When asked how his grandfather built the castle, kaiklops explained that his grandfather used stones from another property he owns for the material and completed the project without the use of heavy machinery.

“He dug up all the stones with the help of my grandma on their land. He dug up all the rocks with shovels. Set up all the scaffolding. Mixed all the mortar. Carried the rocks up the scaffolding one by one. Carried the mortar up bucket by bucket. No heavy machinery involved,” kaiklops explained.

The castle is complete with a spiral staircase to the top of the turret, a kitchen, a bathroom and of course, a dance floor.

When kaiklops was asked why his grandpa decided to build the castle he responded: “He didn’t really need to build this for anything. He’s just retired, but likes staying active.”

One of the most amazing aspects of his story is that the castle took only five years to complete. Others who have taken on the feat of building their own castle have spent significantly longer working on them – Loveland Castle in Ohio was built by Harry Delos Andrews over the course of 50 years, and Bishop Castle in Colorado was built by Jim Bishop in 40 years.

Here is the progression of the castle over the five years it took to build.

Castle TurretConstruction of the turret.
Castle Interior WallInterior view of the construction.
Castle WiringA future wall with electrical wiring going in.
Castle SpireOutside view of the spire.
Castle ScaffoldingFrom the top of the scaffolding along the side of the tower.
Castle Top of SpireAt the top of the spire looking down.
Castle CrenellationsView of the crenellations being built.
Finished Castle

Photo Credit: kaiklops /

The final product!