Police Find 104 Rabbits in Apartment

Lots of Rabbits

 Photo Credit: seagames50 / Shutterstock.com

Police in Stuttgart Germany were in for a surprise when they entered the home of a 48 year old man on an unrelated search warrant; it was bursting with rabbits.

Upon entering the home police are reported to have found 104 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and 2 budgies; most of them were living in shipping boxes.

It is one of the worst hoarding cases of rabbits that police in the area have ever seen.

“This happens all the time with cats and dogs, but I’ve never heard of a case like this with someone hoarding rabbits,” said a Stuttgart police spokesman.

With so many animals to transport help from local vets was needed to bring the animals to a local shelter.

Caged rabbits require a space a minimum of five times their size to roam and move around; and even at that they require several hours of daily exercise.

It is still unclear why the man was keeping so many animals in his apartment. While the investigation is still underway, many are hopeful that legal action will be brought against him for the mistreatment of the animals.

Germany is among the European countries that have reached one of the highest levels of animal protection. The maximum punishment for animal cruelty is possible imprisonment of up to three years or €25,000 fine, sizing the abused animal from its owner, and possibly a ban on keeping any animals in the future.

Source: (The Local)