8 Ingenious DIY Pinterest Projects That Actually Work

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Photo Credit: A Charming Project

7. Coffee Pot Terrarium

A fun take on the terrarium trend involves using a repurposed coffee pot as the container. There are many different ways to make and decorate terrariums, but this particular tutorial starts out with sand and river rocks for the base.

Decorative moss, stones and gemstones give the little ecosystem some creative flair and complement the mini air plants.

Many of the comments on this blog suggest giving these as gifts to coworkers, mothers and the elderly since they’re low maintenance, which is probably why it’s been pinned over 25,000 times on Pinterest.

Cozy Pillow Bed

Photo Credit: Dabbles and Babbles

8. Cozy Pillow Bed

A recent project that has showed up again and again on Pinterest is this cozy pillow bed. With flannel fabric and four standard pillows, you can make your own portable bed, perfect for sleepovers!

Essentially you just sew four large pockets into the fabric and stuff with the pillows. Apparently, this project is even easy enough for beginners to learn.

Visnee, a Dabbles and Babbles reader, had this to say: “I literally learned how to use a sewing machine last week and made a pillow. I decided to get more ambitious and found this via Pinterest. Thank you SO much for making the instructions easy enough for a beginner like me to understand! I made it for my 2 year old who adores it!”