8 Ingenious DIY Pinterest Projects That Actually Work

Tie Dye Galaxy Shoes

Photo Credit: Swell Mayde

Pinterest Success!

How many times have you gone on a weekend pinning spree via Pinterest, saving amazing projects to try later? While most of them seem like they should work in theory, reality often sets in once you’re in the middle of project.

There are so many Pinterest projects that just don’t turn out right or look as beautiful as the original photo. While the internet is full of Pinterest fails, here are a few of our favorite projects that actually do work.

1. Tie Dye Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy print everything has been super popular for the last couple years. One blogger took the trend to a new level with hand tie dyed shoes that received over 800 pins on Pinterest.

By sponging on Tulip brand dyes and sprinkling white paint for stars, she was able to to create a galaxy print effect that’s relatively straight forward and easy to do, according to her readers.

One anonymous user commented, “I followed your instructions and made a pair for myself. Thanks for the easy to follow pictures and instructions, I don’t think I could have been happier with how they turned out.”

Vinyl Record Bowl

Photo Credit: Pretty Prudent

2. Vinyl Record Bowl

Pretty Prudent features a vinyl record bowl tutorial that has been pinned over 6,700 times on Pinterest. In just five minutes, an old record placed over a ceramic bowl and set in the oven at around 350 degrees, warps and melts.

Once you take it out, you can shape the record by pushing it into the bowl and letting it cool. Not only is this a quick and cheap project, but it definitely works because there are over 1,000 of them for sale on Etsy, currently.

Fleece Blanket With Crocheted Edge

Photo Credit: Elemental Carbon

3. Fleece Blanket With Crocheted Edge

It seems like everyone and their mother has one of those no-sew fleece blankets that are everywhere on Pinterest. However, Alyssa, over at Elemental Carbon, figured out a new way to finish the blanket edges that doesn’t involve tying strips of fabric together.

Instead, she cut vertical slits in her fabric strips, pulling through the previous strips in a crochet-like manner.

The result will satisfy the pickiest of blanket-lovers, even sports loving Dads like commenter Cailey Giuffre’s: “My dad HATES the ties on blankets but wanted a Chicago Blackhawks blanket. I made him one for his birthday and he loves it!! Thank you!”