Have Endless Fun With These 10 Messy Outdoor Activities for Kids

Pudding Painting

Photo Credit: Love, Play, and Learn

There’s Nothing a Kid Loves More Than Getting Messy

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new ways to occupy the kids during the summer months. Boredom is rampant unless you can stimulate their little minds.

Toys and games can only entertain them for so long, especially the little ones. So why not let them get a little messy and enjoy some time outdoors, too?

Check out these messy summer activities your kids are sure to love.

1. Pudding Painting

Toddlers love putting things in their mouths, which is totally acceptable for this activity. Using vanilla pudding and some food coloring, you can make different colored, edible ‘paint.’

Lay out some wax paper, cardboard, or heavy duty cardstock and have your child dip brushes, or their fingers, into the paint. Kids love the smooth gushy feel of the pudding and you’ll love the easy cleanup.

DIY Slip N’ Slide

Photo Credit: Hope Studios

2. DIY Slip N’ Slide

Sure you could use a store bought one that was probably made in China, or you could make your own Slip N’ Slide! This classic outdoor summer activity is easy to put together yourself no matter what your budget.

There are multiple methods of building your own Slip N’ Slide, so don’t be afraid to get a little creative. To start, purchase some tarps or plastic sheeting from your local hardware store.

The tarps can be overlapped to make a long stretch of slide, and plastic sheeting can be bought at whatever length you want.

For best results, run your stretch of tarps or plastic down a hill, but this can also work in a flat yard.

Next, run some water over it and squeeze a bunch of dish soap on the surface. Then, get sliding!

You can leave the hose at the top if you want, or even use a sprinkler. The perfect way for kids to cool down and tire out on a hot day.

Shaving Cream Hairdos

Photo Credit: Kitchen Stewardship

3. Shaving Cream Hairdos

Shaving cream hairdos is the perfect activity for siblings and friends to play together. It’s best played in pairs, but can be done solo too.

All that’s needed is a cheap can of shaving cream or two. Each person sprays a bunch on their head and works it into their hair.

From there, it’s just a matter of creativity, shaping their own and each other’s hair with the shaving cream into crazy hairdos. The craziest hairstyle always wins!