10 Most Dangerous Online Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Using Public Computers

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4. Using Public Computers

Never do any type of financial transaction using a public computer. That means don’t make a purchase, transfer money through Paypal, or check your bank account balance.

If you regularly use shared computers at the library or work, there’s a good chance you may have compromised one of your accounts. Even inside a cubicle, someone can look over your shoulder at your private information or login as you if you forget to logout of a website.

Not Utilizing Online Banking

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5. Not Utilizing Online Banking

While online banking shouldn’t be done in a public place or on a shared computer, that’s not to say it shouldn’t be done at all. On the contrary, online banking is an effective tool for keeping track of your finances.

Not utilizing it at all means you can’t monitor your account for fraudulent activity that your bank may have missed. Aside from looking for any red flags, you can do pretty much anything online that you can do at the bank, saving you both time and money.

Using Debit Instead of Credit

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6. Using Debit Instead of Credit

If you’re opposed to having a credit card because you don’t want to rack up debt, you may want to reconsider when making online purchases. While stores will do everything they can to ensure their sites are hack proof, even some of the largest retailers have had their data compromised.

When you pay with a debit card, that information is stored on a server. If the information is stolen, your bank account is stolen along with your hard earned money.

Using a credit card protects you from having your actual money taken away while increasing your credit score.