8 Lies Every Mom Tells Her Kids… Because Sometimes It’s Unavoidable!

I Don’t Know
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4. I Don’t Know

When you really don’t want to answer your child’s question, “I don’t know” is a go-to response. Sometimes they ask things well beyond their age-level or understanding, making it pointless to try and explain.

Other times, they may ask something you’re just not prepared to answer so you play dumb until you can think of a good response. Moms are the masters of deflecting questions.

We’re Almost There

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5. We’re Almost There

“Are we there yet?” How many times do they have to ask you that? Young children have no real grasp on time and want things right away.

Telling them “we’re almost there,” ensures they’ll both stop asking and gets them excited and prepared for arrival. So what if by “almost there” you mean there’s another hour left in your trip?

If you’ve already completed an hour, that counts, right?

You Can Have That When You’re Older

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6. You Can Have That When You’re Older

Another tactical lie for delayed gratification is the “you can have that when you’re older” trick. Sometimes it’s better to give them a specific age rather than just saying “older,” since the really clever ones will ask again in a few minutes since they’re technically older then.

Still, it makes it so you don’t have to say no and face a tantrum with the added bonus of seeing just how much they really want something. If they reach that age and still want what they asked for all that time ago, rest assured they were sincere.