11 Steps to Improve Your Public Speaking

Have the Want

Photo Credit: Jacob Ammentorp Lund / istockphoto.com

People tend to have strong feelings about public speaking, and those feelings are usually overwhelmingly negative. Somewhere along the line, people began to consider public speaking a fate worse than death.

But being afraid of something only adds to its difficulty. If you want to be better at something, fear is your enemy.

Great public speakers are not gifted with superhuman power or special abilities at birth. They prepare, practice and take measures to improve their skills along the way. If you are tasked with public speaking for school, work, church or your personal life, follow these steps to raise your skills to new heights.

1. Have the Want

The want to speak well in public will give you the incentive to improve your skills. At times, people go through the motions with public speaking because they don’t think they can expect anything more from themselves. Having the desire to do better allows you to devote the needed time, effort and energy in the tasks that help the process.