6 Amazing IKEA Hacks You Should Try

VITTSJÖ Table Tufted Ottoman

Photo Credit: Melodrama Blog

IKEA is the best-selling and largest furniture retailer in the world and for good reason. They sell stylishly modern designs for ridiculously low prices, while still managing to be eco-friendly.

Although their furniture is often minimalist to the point of even being utilitarian, many people have used this simplicity to build off the IKEA aesthetic. Entire websites have been devoted to the practice of IKEA “hacking,” which in this case, is the embellishment of or repurposing of IKEA products. The following are a few of the best IKEA hacks from around the web that are easy to DIY in almost any living situation.

VITTSJÖ Table Tufted Ottoman

Los Angeles blogger Krys Melo was looking for the perfect ottoman that just didn’t exist. After stumbling across the Vittsjö nesting tables in an IKEA catalog, she decided to transform the larger table into a chic tufted ottoman.

After assembling the table without the glass on the top, she spray painted the frame gold and cut out some upholstery foam to fit. Fabric was then stapled on and tufting was added through pre-drilled holes in the top. The result is a beautiful, functional fabric ottoman with a glass shelf at the bottom instead of on top.