64 Hands Overloaded with Cuteness

This gallery is sure to brighten your day! All of these pictures are overloaded with serious cuteness.

1. Sleeping 2 Week Old Pug

Sleeping 2 Week Old Pug

Photo Credit: vaxorus / Reddit.com

2. Super Happy Baby Pigmy Hippo

Super Happy Baby Pigmy Hippo

Photo Credit: ShinyCard255 / Reddit.com

3. Baby Cottontail Rabbit

Baby Cottontail Rabbit

Photo Credit: 112entertained / imgur.com

4. Baby Green Violetear (Colibri Thalassinus)

Baby Green Violetear (Colibri Thalassinus)

Photo Credit: galicia_juanalberto / flickr.com

5. Adorable Kitten

Adorable Kitten

Photo Credit: Laurence & Annie / flickr.com

6. Baby Lemur

Baby Lemur

Photo Credit: belgianchocolate / flickr.com

7. Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy

Photo Credit: Beaverbrown55 / Reddit.com

8. Baby Domestic Bunny

Baby Domestic Bunny

Photo Credit: julochka / flickr.com

9. Tiny Baby Frog

Tiny Baby Frog

Photo Credit: Tanya Hart / flickr.com

10. Sleeping Baby Squirrel

Sleeping Baby Squirrel

Photo Credit: Rachel Allyson / flickr.com

11. Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf Hamster

Photo Credit: ImAliveThough / Reddit.com

12. Baby Sparrow

Baby Sparrow

Photo Credit: Audrey / flickr.com

13. Green Sea Turtle Hatchling

Green Sea Turtle Hatchling

Photo Credit: Emha / CC BY 2.0

14. This Toucan Thinks It’s a Baby

This Toucan Thinks It's a Baby

Photo Credit: Ramphastid556 / Reddit.com

15. Chipmunk


Photo Credit: JustynCarter / Reddit.com

16. Duckling


Photo Credit: Daniela / flickr.com

17. Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

Photo Credit: Autumn Welles / flickr.com

18. Grey Barn Kitten

Grey Barn Kitten

Photo Credit: Taylor Bennett / flickr.com

19. 10 Month Old Fennec Fox

10 Month Old Fennec Fox

Photo Credit: Tom Thai / flickr.com

20. Baby Tawny Owl

Baby Tawny Owl

Photo Credit: Paul / flickr.com

21. Baby Deer

Baby Deer

Photo Credit: a_grape_eater / Reddit.com

22. Long Haired Hamster

Long Haired Hamster

Photo Credit: Follow-the-wind / Reddit.com

23. Baby Robin

Baby Robin

Photo Credit: Audrey / flickr.com

24. Sleepy Puppy

Sleepy Puppy

Photo Credit: ZombieJeezus3348 / Reddit.com

25. Rescued Baby Squirrel

Rescued Baby Squirrel

Photo Credit: Audrey / CC BY 2.0

26. Baby Chinchilla

Baby Chinchilla

Photo Credit: Thomas Klein-Hitpaß / flickr.com

27. Baby Bottlenose Dolphin

Baby Bottlenose Dolphin

Photo Credit: lkc0987 / imgur.com

28. Sleepy Kitten

Sleepy Kitten

Photo Credit: Daniel Hall / flickr.com

29. Baby Red-Eared Slider

Baby Red-Eared Slider

Photo Credit: 3dpenguin / Reddit.com

30. Baby Tasmanian Devil

Baby Tasmanian Devil

Photo Credit: Syyraxus / Reddit.com

31. Baby Katydid

Baby Katydid

Photo Credit: Hope Abrams / flickr.com

32. Baby Wallaby

Baby Wallaby

Photo Credit: Greens MPs / flickr.com

33. Tiger Cub

Tiger Cub

Photo Credit: PMme_JonahHill_nudes / Reddit.com

34. Baby Mouse

Baby Mouse

Photo Credit: Eddy Van 3000 / flickr.com

35. Baby Bird

Baby Bird

Photo Credit: betty rocket / flickr.com

36. Really Cool Paddlefish

Really Cool Paddlefish

Photo Credit: USFWS Mountain-Prairie / flickr.com

37. Baby Platypus

Baby Platypus

Photo Credit: BonnyITA / Reddit.com

38. Sleepy Bunny

Sleepy Bunny

Photo Credit: julochka / flickr.com

39. Baby Koala

Baby Koala

Photo Credit: Roderick Eime / flickr.com

40. Baby Silkie Chick

Baby Silkie Chick

Photo Credit: TC MORGAN / flickr.com

41. Baby Wombat

Baby Wombat

Photo Credit: Denis / flickr.com

42. Another Little Baby Frog

Another Little Baby Frog

Photo Credit: Rick Harrison / flickr.com

43. Baby Otter

Baby Otter

Photo Credit: h_a_z_ / Reddit.com

44. Baby Rat

Baby Rat

Photo Credit: Walter Parenteau / flickr.com

45. Baby Octopus

Baby Octopus

Photo Credit: Neutral_Milk_Brotel / Reddit.com

46. Lion Cub

Lion Cub

Photo Credit: Judy Baxter / flickr.com

47. Baby Kenyan Sand Boa

 Baby Kenyan Sand Boa

Photo Credit: Kristin “Shoe” Shoemaker / flickr.com

48. Sweet Newborn Kitten

Sweet Newborn Kitten

Photo Credit: S. Hoya / flickr.com

49. Baby Chameleon

Baby Chameleon

Photo Credit: Guy Haimovitch / flickr.com

50. Baby Hamster

Baby Hamster

Photo Credit: Nehama Verter / flickr.com

51. Baby Hedgehog

Baby Hedgehog

Photo Credit: Sarah Bowman / flickr.com

52. Baby Starfish

Baby Starfish

Photo Credit: Emily Hoyer / flickr.com

53. Baby Field Mouse

Baby Field Mouse

Photo Credit: Lisa Roe / flickr.com

54. Baby Snapping Turtle

Baby Snapping Turtle

Photo Credit: NatureFreak07 / flickr.com

55. Mountain Pygmy Possum

Mountain Pygmy Possum

Photo Credit: Australian Alps / flickr.com

56. Four Day Old Lion Cub

Four Day Old Lion Cub

Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar / flickr.com

57. Baby Gecko

Baby Gecko

Photo Credit: Robin Hutton / flickr.com

58. Handful of Baby Bunnies

Handful of Baby Bunnies

Photo Credit: Sarah Buckley / flickr.com

59. Giant Anteater Pup

Giant Anteater Pup

Photo Credit: Smithsonian’s National Zoo / flickr.com

60. Baby Opossum

 Baby Opossum

Photo Credit: foxy_on_a_longboard / Reddit.com

61. Baby Ferret

Baby Ferret

Photo Credit: Fahara F / flickr.com

62. Baby Bat

Baby Bat

Photo Credit: jtr2277 / Reddit.com

63. Baby Parrot

Baby Parrot

Photo Credit: Ryan Yam / flickr.com

64. Joey Sugar Glider

Joey Sugar Glider

Photo Credit: Viper76 / flickr.com