Fall Fashion Trends We Love

Fall Fashion Trends We Love

Photo Credit: ThomFoto / istockphoto.com

New York Fashion Week and associated shows around the world have already previewed some fabulous fall fashion. As with anything that goes down a runway, not every look is wearable by the average person. Most people cannot pull off plaid on plaid or bright neon colors.

But there were some obvious trends repeating among various designers that fast fashion chains like H&M and Forever 21 have already caught on to. Take a peek at some of our favorites, coming to a store near you.

Car Wash Skirts

Like fringe only chunkier, car wash skirts are one of the hottest trends to hit the runway this year. An even edgier take on skirts with slits up the sides, carwash skirts have true rock n’ roll attitude. From Christian Dior to Tommy Hilfiger, all the major designers are taking this trend for a spin.


Tights aren’t just for little girls or Halloween anymore; they are back in full force this fall. From thigh highs to sheer pantyhose, fishnets to bold patterns, tights made a big appearance at New York Fashion Week. Patterns were particularly hot: bold colors, floral, polka dot, and geometric shapes graced the runway. Paired with an oversized coat or sweater, tights will become the new conversation piece for fall outfits.


A new trend for 2015, Neo-Victorian, also known as gothic romance, is making big waves in the fashion world. Ruffled blouses, high necks, and black lace are taking over with designs by Valentino, Givenchy, and Alexander McQueen. Possibly inspired by the style of singer FKA twigs and the Showtime series Penny Dreadful, neo-Victorian is an unexpected but welcome trend for the fall. This style works well when combined with modern staples and featured as a statement piece.


Taking inspiration from the 80s and early 90s, velvet is back in a big way. Capelets, dresses, boots, and even suits of velvet showed up on the runway this year. While clearly a practical fabric for its warmth and softness during the colder months, velvet’s sheen brightens up any look and is perfect for those playful romps around the city at night.

Flared Pants

The 70s have found their way back into fashion again this fall, namely flared trousers. While the start of 2015 saw flared jeans make a comeback, the end of the year has brought about super flares, tight up to the knees and then extreme width at the bottom. Lengths vary from cropped high waters to floor length styles. Super budget-friendly versions in a wide variety of boho patterns have showed up in department stores and clothing retailers already. Simple and sophisticated monochromatic versions have also appeared in stores like Zara, ASOS, and Nasty Gal to name a few.

Asymmetrical Hemlines

First there were asymmetrical hairstyles, now there are asymmetrical hemlines. New York Fashion Week saw many asymmetrical looks among skirts and dresses. Brandon Sun and Victoria Beckham utilized asymmetry nicely giving their dresses a doubly fantastic design. From one side you have one style dress, and from the other, another style. This is sure to be a popular trend going into 2016 since it’s along the same vein as the high-low hem, which is still popular even though it started over four years ago.


The turtleneck look often comes and goes, but it’s back in a big way this fall. Big fluffy turtleneck sweaters were all over the runway in mohair, fur, and cashmere. Puffy sleeved turtlenecks were also seen and have already been replicated by every major retailer in America. Turtlenecks of every color and warm material were played with, suiting multiple looks. With lace they go with the neo-Victorian look, the fluffy ones are very 90s-chic, puff sleeves are reminiscent of the 80s, and bold patterns or cable knit brings out those 70s vibes.

Skinny, High-Waisted Pants

Keeping with the whole 70s look, skinny high-waisted pants are making their way back into fashion this year. The Zimmerman and Carven lines had beautiful sleek examples that could easily transition from work attire to eveningwear. Black high waisters and dark washed denim are especially on trend and appropriate for the colder months. Accented with a skinny belt or shiny buckle, these high-waisted pants are a much more modern and fashionable take on this typically 70s style.


Blingy ornamentation was also a huge trend this year among runway looks. Bold, colorful costume jewelry dangled from ears and arms, often times mismatched for another asymmetrical example. Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren did this particularly well when paired with solid color basics. Oversized chokers in gold, brass, and silver also adorned many a Christian Dior and Chanel model. While oversized has been in for a few years, the difference this year is the return to feminine shapes and vintage styling. Diamond encrusted brooches and hairpins were particularly inspired by antique pieces. Time to bring out those family heirlooms your mother or grandmother left you!