7 Easy (and Helpful) Chores for Kids to Teach Responsibility

Feed Pets

Photo Credit: oksun70 / iStockPhoto.com

Give Them Age Appropriate and Productive Chores

Do you have a family chore system in place? If you have young children, it’s definitely something to consider. Children need structure and discipline in their lives, which helps them concentrate their energy on something, feel proud of their work, and become more obedient when you ask them to do things.

Not only that, but introducing a few easy weekly chores for your kids will alleviate some of your own work and allow you to focus on larger tasks like meal planning, organizing the house, or laundry.

Whatever chores you choose should be age appropriate and actually accomplish something productive that won’t require you to redo what your kids have tried to do. Here are a few helpful chores that are easy to implement at almost any age.

Feed Pets

If your kids convinced you to get a pet of any kind, they should be the one feeding them. This chore should be established right when you get the pet, but it can also be implemented after the fact.

Aside from explaining to your child that pets need care just like they do, you’ll probably need to do some convincing in order for them to feed their pet consistently. A fun idea if your child is still young, under seven or so, is to write them a letter as if you were the pet, explaining how much you love them and want them to feed you.

Most children love the idea of animals talking to them and if they think their own pet asked them to feed them, they will be more likely to do it.