9 Delicious Fall Recipes to Try

Porkolt Hungarian Stew

Photo Credit: All Recipes

When fall rolls around, there’s nothing better than cooking up a nice warm meal for the family to share. The change in weather brings about a change in available produce, so fall recipes often incorporate seasonal vegetables.

Here are nine different recipes that will use up all that pumpkin, squash, and leftover meat from big family get-togethers like Thanksgiving.

1. Porkolt Hungarian Stew

Pörkölt is a hearty Hungarian stew and only requires a few ingredients, primarily spices. Authentic Hungarian paprika, garlic powder, and pepper are mixed together with fried bacon, onions, and bell peppers. Pork chops are fried up, cubed, and combined with the mixture. Everything is then poured into a pot of beef broth and diced tomatoes until thickened into a stew. Sour cream is added just before serving over boiled egg noodles.

Source: All Recipes