8 Clever Winter Hacks to Get You Through to Spring

Winterize Your Car

Photo Credit: JFsPic / istockphoto.com

With winter fast approaching, there are so many things to think about; heating your home, prepping your car, shoveling snow. Winter is beautiful to look at, but with it comes a slew of annoyances as well. While you can’t stop Mother Nature from doing her thing, there are a few winter hacks that can make your life a little easier until March.

1. Winterize Your Car

One of the worst things about winter is how it messes with your car. Snow and ice makes gaining traction difficult and getting stuck a real possibility.

However, keeping a bag of kitty litter handy and sprinkling some under your tires can prevent your car from getting stuck in the snow. In a pinch, floor mats work as well.

De-icing windows can also be a pain in the neck. To prevent ice from ever forming, spray your windshield with a 3:1 mixture of white vinegar before a storm. Additionally, covering side mirrors with Ziploc bags can prevent ice buildup.