9 Brilliant Storage Hacks That Will Transform Your Home

Spray Bottle Tension Rod

Photo Credit: A Thousand Words

Storage That Works in Even the Smallest of Places

Square footage is an important consideration when buying a house or renting an apartment. So too is the built-in storage space offered in a potential home.

However, even with very little space to work with, there are a variety of simple and creative ways to make the most of what you have. Think outside the box next time you’re reorganizing your space or material possessions, and check out our list of storage hacks for some brilliant ideas.

1. Spray Bottle Tension Rod

If the cabinet under your sink looks like someone just threw stuff under there to get it out of sight, this storage hack is for you. To get the space under your sink looking neat and organized, install a small tension rod across the width of the inside.

Then you can hang all your spray bottles off of it and leave extra room underneath for baskets and bins. Fill up those baskets only with things you need to keep accessible in the kitchen and surrounding areas, like sponges, furniture polish and rubber dish gloves.

IKEA Cabinet Bench

Photo Credit: Centsational Girl

2. IKEA Cabinet Bench

IKEA furniture is some of the easiest furniture to hack into even better storage solutions. Simply turn a shelving unit, such as the KALLAX unit, on its side and find some fitted boxes for the cubbies or affix fitted doors to create cupboards.

These cheap and easy storage benches work well in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and wide hallways. You can even put them under a window to function as a reading nook or additional seating area within a bedroom.

Above the Door Storage

Photo Credit: Lifehack

3. Above the Door Storage

It’s very likely there’s at least one room in your home with very little, if any, built in storage. Half-sized bathrooms, for example, are notorious for not having enough storage space.

In order to store toilet paper, hand towels and various toiletries, install an extra shelf above the doorway. Not only will you now have a place to put things within a small room, it also keeps them out of the way from small children and animals.