No More Scrubbing: 10 Genius Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Use Dryer Sheets for Soap Scum

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Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

For a room that’s supposed to make us clean, the bathroom sure gets dirty quickly. Cleaning the toilet or scrubbing the tub is no one’s idea of a picnic, but it’s just one of those things that has to be done.

If your life’s busy enough with day to day tasks and responsibilities, give yourself a bit of a break with these 10 bathroom cleaning hacks that’ll cut down your time playing Cinderella.

Use Dryer Sheets for Soap Scum

Dryer sheets are made for softening and removing static cling from clothing, but did you know they’re also a handy bathroom cleaning tool? If you wet a dryer sheet with a little water and rub it on your glass shower doors, it’ll begin to remove any unsightly soap scum that might be clouding up your shower.

If any scum remains, scrub with a scouring pad and rinse with water.

Use Car Wax for Toilet Bowl Stains

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Use Car Wax for Toilet Bowl Stains

After you wax your car, save some for the toilet bowl, too! The easiest way to get rid of toilet bowl rings is to use car wax.

Clear the toilet of water by turning off the valve and flushing. Then apply the wax to the inside of the bowl and let it set for ten minutes before replenishing with water and using.

The slick materials in wax make it so nothing can stick to the surface of the bowl, meaning no more grimy stains.

Use Baby Oil to Shine Sink Fixtures

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Use Baby Oil to Shine Sink Fixtures

To leave your sink and bathtub fixtures shiny and smooth as a baby’s bottom, apply some baby oil (aka mineral oil) to them after cleaning. Baby oil is effective at removing other type of oils like those left behind from fingerprints and beauty products.

It leaves a coating on the surface that helps the fixtures, especially stainless steel ones, remain shiny longer.