9 Types of Neighbors That Are Super Annoying

The Overly Friendly

Photo Credit: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock.com

For most people having neighbors is nice; someone to collect the mail and keep an eye on your place while you are out of town or a trust-worthy person to keep an extra set of keys. However, some neighbors are much easier to live in close proximity to than others. Some people have such bad habits that they make living close to them a nightmare. Their habits can range from simply annoying and inconsiderate to dangerous. Other neighbors are so bad that they can drive the property value down by huge percentages. Are you living next to one of these 9 annoying neighbors?

1. The Overly Friendly

Friendly neighbors can be a blessing; overly friendly neighbors can be a curse. They might mean well and maybe would do anything for you, but they can be so annoying. The overly friendly neighbor likes to stop by all the time and loves to tell you everything that is going on in their life. They often do not understand boundaries or can’t take the hint that you are not interested in hearing about how they just caulked the bathtub again.