9 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

You Have a Terrible Commute

Photo Credit: Kichigin / Shutterstock.com

If you are constantly talking about quitting your job, but haven’t done it yet, it may be time to re-evaluate your circumstances. It’s of no benefit to you or your employer to stay in a situation you’re unhappy with.

If you need a little help deciding if it’s time to leave, here are nine definite signs you should quit your job.

1. You Have a Terrible Commute

Most major metropolitan areas have pretty serious traffic between the hours of 7-9 am on weekdays. If your job is more than ten miles from home it can be a hassle to commute.

In rush hour, a trip that might ordinarily take 20-30 minutes can take twice or three times as long. This can be terribly frustrating to deal with day in and day out, because it’s completely out of your control.

Long commutes can also color your day and leave you irritable, which makes it harder to concentrate at work. If you can’t stand being stuck in traffic a minute longer, it may be time to find something closer to home.