11 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Believe It Can Change

Photo Credit: BrianAJackson / istockphoto.com

Whether you call it self-assurance, self-worth, confidence, swagger or some other variation, you know that self-esteem is a needed presence in your life.

The way you see yourself controls the way you see everything. With low self-esteem, the world looks like a dangerous place full of people who want to hurt you. With high self-esteem, life is a beautiful thing meant to be experienced and shared with loved ones. If you can control your self-esteem, you can control the world around you. Here’s how to boost your esteem and make the world a bit brighter:

1. Believe It Can Change

Too many people see self-esteem as something that is static, stagnant and out of their control. They think self-esteem is assigned at birth and there is no amount of movement allowed from that point. In actuality, self-esteem is highly fluid and flexible. It moves and shifts continuously, but people may have been trained to only notice the decreases while disregarding the increases. This ends in lower self-worth. If you think that your self-perception cannot change for the better, you are mistaken. Believing in improved confidence is the first step towards living to your full potential.