10 Ways to Make Any Room Feel Cozier

Throw in Some Throws

Photo Credit: Khongkit Wiriyachan / Shutterstock.com

Whether it’s the dead of winter and you’re starting to feeling the chill, you have a new place that needs decorating, or an old one that needs revitalizing; the coziness of a room can significantly impact the comfort level of its occupants.

But what about your budget? Redecorating can get expensive, not to mention time consuming. No matter what your lifestyle or budget, a few simple fixes can make all the difference in making a room feel cozier.

1. Throw in Some Throws

A few throw pillows and blankets draped over an armchair or positioned along the couch can do wonders for a room that might otherwise feel plain and unwelcoming. The softness of the pillows and blankets creates a more relaxed atmosphere while giving guests something to snuggle up against. For visual interest try using colorful pillows and blankets that will complement the colors in the room.