10 Tips for Making Big Decisions

Establish Your Mindset

Photo Credit: gpointstudio / istockphoto.com

Little decisions are easy. What should I have for breakfast? What show should I watch? You have a few options to choose between, and without wasting much time you make your choice.

Knowing that the ramifications of your choice will be short in duration and will have only a mild impact on your life makes small dilemmas a breeze to resolve. If only all decisions could be small and simple.

Life will always have more little decisions, but it is the big decisions that carry more weight. These choices can represent major shifts in your life. Should I go to college? Should I get married? Should I quit my job? These choices do not come along very often, but when they do you want to be prepared to make the right choice. Here’s how to prepare for making big decisions:

1. Establish Your Mindset

No matter what decision you are setting out to make, the starting point is to establish the correct mindset. When people are tasked with an important choice, they begin thinking in terms of right and wrong. This mindset does a lot to increase fear and pressure.

Because you fear making the “wrong” choice, the pressure grows making the likelihood of a good decision lower. Additionally, most situations do not have a “right” choice. Instead of right and wrong, you will benefit from thinking in terms of what’s best for you and the people around you. What’s best might not be the obvious or the easiest option, but it will be the one that serves you well.