10 Reasons to Take up Journaling

Journaling Allows You to Express Yourself

Photo Credit: danr13 / istockphoto.com

When people think of journaling, too often they think of teenage girls writing about their latest crush or high school drama in a pink diary. They think it’s a superficial, self-indulgent exercise that yields nothing in terms of positive results.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. The benefits of journaling are numerous in number and far-reaching in results. Consider the following:

1. Journaling Allows You to Express Yourself

Have you ever felt like you have so many thoughts and feelings spinning through your mind that your head was going to explode? If yes, journaling can help release the tension. Journaling gives you the opportunity to blow off steam in a safe, productive way. This ability to “get it all out” will free up room so that you can accept new information and feelings without being entirely overwhelmed. Journaling gives you a forum that is free from judgment and opinions of other people. You can write whatever your want, however you want. There is a sense of complete freedom that is hard to find ordinarily.