The Best Places for Workout Gear


Photo Credit: Lululemon

Where to Buy Workout Clothes

You have made the New Year’s resolution to start working out, eat healthier and be more active. You have done the research on new recipes to make, food or supplements to buy, and bought the gym membership. But now you need the workout clothing to go along with that gym membership.

Deciding what type of exercise you will be doing is the first step in deciding what items to add to your wardrobe. Will you be hiking, or running on the treadmill? Will you be cycling outdoors, or spinning indoors?

Once you have decided what type of workout you will be doing, now you are faced with sourcing the best quality clothing to suit your budget, because workout gear takes a beating. Here are a few suggestions to help navigate through the huge workout wear market.

1. Lululemon

This is where most people’s thoughts go when it comes to quality, reliable, stylish workout clothing. With many retailers throughout North America and online, it is easily accessible to all — if it’s in your budget.

They offer comfortable and breathable clothing that can be worn in and outside of the gym for both men and women. They also have many items that can be worn as streetwear as well as workout clothing, which is convenient for shoppers to get their whole wardrobe in one place. Just be cautious these items cost more than the average gym wear, but the quality is stellar.