10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Diet

You Will Be Hungry Constantly

Photo Credit: evgenyatamanenko / istockphoto.com

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, it can be overwhelming to navigate the ever-changing trends in diet and nutrition.

One day blueberries are a superfood, the next they are too sugary and bad for you. Trying to eliminate foods from your diet — like dairy or gluten — just causes extra stress, in turn causing more weight gain.

Turning your lifestyle into a healthy one is much harder than it sounds, but with a little planning and determination it is doable — without all the fad diets out there. There are plenty of reasons to ditch the fad diets and develop a healthier lifestyle:

1. You Will Be Hungry Constantly

Let’s face it: cutting calories to stay within your daily goal will make you feel as though you are living on kale and water infused with cucumber.

It’s unhealthy to leave your body in starvation mode all the time, and it will make your dieting less successful in the long-run. You need to ensure your body gets the calories it needs to function properly — anything less will leave you starving.