9 Hilarious Fitness Fads


Photo Credit: YouTube

Fitness Fads Are a Dime a Dozen These Days

It seems like there is always a new workout video or piece of exercise equipment on the market. Many are the result of late night infomercials or celebrity testimonials full of good looking people in spandex and high end exercise attire.

Sometimes, however, a real gem emerges that is completely out there and ridiculous. The following are a few of the most hilarious fitness fads in the past few decades.

1. Prancercise

If you’ve ever had the urge to get up and prance around like a majestic horse, then you’re in luck.

Joanna Rohrback created a type of low impact exercise program called Prancercise, which is modeled after the movements of a horse. Aside from her signature moves, Joanna is also known for her workout outfits, which looks like something you’d wear to a country club rather than a gym.

Her YouTube videos have had millions of views and spawned loads of parodies, including one by former Big Brother contestant and comedian, Wil Heuser.