Prevention and Relief: 8 Effective Ways of Dealing with Migraines

Try a Massage

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7. Try a Massage

Massages help with chronic pain and tension, releasing overstimulated muscles and allowing the body to relax into its natural state. For migraines, localized massage and acupressure are effective in dealing with pain.

Typically, massage of the face and head focuses on the brow bone area, bridge of the nose and temples. Full body and neck massages have also been shown to aid in the reduction of pain for migraine sufferers.

Make sure to follow up with a glass of water to flush out any toxins, which may have been causing the pain in the first place.

Take Your Medication

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8. Take Your Medication

If you find yourself suffering with such severe migraine symptoms that you can’t function on a day to day basis, medication may be right for you. Talk to you doctor about your options and any side effects a medication may cause.

Common migraine treatments may include over the counter anti-inflammatories like Aleve, Tylenol, or Excedrin, in addition to prescription medications such as triptans, which constrict blood vessels and prevent the onset of pain.


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