Prevention and Relief: 8 Effective Ways of Dealing with Migraines

Take a Warm or Cold Shower

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4. Take a Warm or Cold Shower

Sometimes a change in temperature can cause migraines, especially if going from outdoors to indoors where there’s air conditioning. A warm or cold shower, depending on what feels best to you, can combat the symptoms of a migraine.

Focus on letting the water hit your face, making sure to adjust the strength of your shower head so it’s not too forceful. If your migraines are caused by tension or stress, turn around and let the water hit your shoulders and neck, as you relax and enjoy the shower.

Keep Track of Your Triggers

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5. Keep Track of Your Triggers

Migraine sufferers may encounter similar symptoms, but there are a wide variety of triggers unique to each individual. Knowing your triggers and staying away from them as much as possible, will decrease the probability of a migraine attack.

Food, allergies, stress and smoking, are just some of the most common triggers associated with migraines. Especially helpful if you’re affected by certain foods, keeping a diary of what you eat and drink may keep your symptoms at bay.

Get Enough Sleep

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6. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause a number of health problems, including migraines. Researchers at Missouri State University found in a 2010 study that sleep deprivation affects proteins in the brain, stressing it out and triggering pain.

Migraines often create a cycle of pain and sleep disorder, first causing pain, and then the pain in turn affecting regular sleep patterns. Getting to bed earlier and practicing a nightly routine can help your body and mind unwind easier, which also includes powering off electronic devices one to two hours before bedtime.