8 Ways to Avoid Exercise Injuries


Photo Credit: valio84sl / iStock.com

8. Variety

You should try to include variety in your exercise routine.  If you continually place the same stresses on your joints, muscles and cardiovascular system, then you will likely develop an overuse injury.  Overuse injuries are a result of overuse to a specific part of the body.

For individuals who play a lot of basketball, which requires a lot of explosive jumping, the risk for developing an overuse injury at the ankle is common. Typically these athletes suffer Achilles tendon overuse, with pain and inflammation at the back of the ankle. So, it is important to include variety in your exercise, giving rest to one part of the body, while challenging another part of the body.

Remember these tips as you engage in exercise. You will be able to continue enjoying exercise without fear of pain or injury setting you back. In addition, these strategies will ensure good care of your body to avoid the potential for future injury as you age.