8 Ways to Avoid Exercise Injuries

Warm Up

Photo Credit: Paha_L / iStock.com

Injuries related to exercise are common amongst amateur competitors, weekend warriors, recreational exercisers, and even professional athletes. Since exercise injuries can happen to anyone, what can you do to decrease your risk of injury?

Try using the following 8 strategies to reduce your risk of injury when exercising or participating in athletic events.

1. Warm Up

If you have been sitting on a couch all day and then get up to run 5 miles, your body is going to receive a serious shock to the system. Your muscles are made for contracting and elongating, but if you suddenly demand that your muscles go from minimal activity to high impact, fast twitch contractions, you will risk muscular strain.

It is important that you allow yourself 5-10 minutes of warming up before engaging in formal exercise or any high impact activity. A warm up can be as simple as marching in place, walking, or slowly riding a stationary bike. This allows for proper circulation to the muscles of your legs, ensuring proper performance. In addition, it slowly raises your heart rate, which allows for better cardiovascular performance.