8 Fantastic Exercises to Improve Flexibility

Static Stretching

Photo Credit: foto infot / Shutterstock.com

2. Static Stretching

This may be the simplest form of improving flexibility, but it is effective. Stretching is accomplished when you place the muscle in an extended position to stretch the muscle fibers. For example, the role of the hamstring muscle is to bend the knee. So, in order to stretch the hamstring, you must fully extend the knee and reach forward. Try sitting at the edge of a chair with your leg straight and heel on the floor. Hinge your trunk forward so you bend at the waist and feel a stretch behind your leg. Hold static stretches for 30 seconds and repeat several times. Typically, if you bring a joint to the fullest position of bending or straightening, you will be able to achieve a good stretch. Stretching should always be comfortable and should be done in a slow and sustained manner. Never bounce or push into pain when stretching.