12 Signs You Need Therapy

Doctors Cannot Explain Your Aches and Pains

Photo Credit: Alexander Raths / Shutterstock.com

By Eric Patterson, licensed professional counselor

Deciding to begin therapy or mental health counseling can be a confusing and confounding choice. After all, how do you know when your life has arrived at the point when therapy is necessary?

The truth is that many people wait far too long before beginning treatment. The longer you wait, the more severe your symptoms will become and the more ingrained they become in your personality. These symptoms become bad habits that are hard to break. Do yourself (and your therapist) a favor by seeking therapy earlier to improve your likelihood of success.

Here are the signs that therapy is for you.

1. Doctors Cannot Explain Your Aches and Pains

Many people have aches, pains and areas of discomfort in their bodies that they cannot understand. What’s worse is that the medical professionals you consulted are unsure as well.  It could be that these symptoms are psychosomatic. This does not mean that they are “fake.”  It only means that the source of the pains is mental rather than physical.  A therapist can help uncover the origin to provide the relief you desire.